Somayya Jabarti


Saudi Arabia

Known for

First Women Editor and Chief of the Saudi Gazette


Hijri 1390-Present (AH); Common Era 1970-Present (CE)

Somayya Jabarti


Somayya Jabarti is the Managing Editor of Arab News, a Saudi English newspaper based in Jeddah. Ms. Jabarti has worked for Arab News for the past six years, where she started out as a local desk editor and advanced to become the Deputy National desk editor, and Executive Editor. She is currently the first Saudi woman to make Managing Editor. Ms. Jabarti has participated in various media focused trainings and workshops such as the 2008 MENA Media Emerging Leaders Fellowship, London Middle East Institute & the Commonwealth Journalists Association reporting course. She was also involved in planning and organizing the Women’s First Media Forum held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2006. Prior to working in the media, Ms. Jabarti has worked in various fields such as education and marketing research. She has also been involved in volunteer work such as summer programs for youth and overseas refugee camps. She was also a member, participant and media representative in the first Saudi civic delegation during King Abdullah’s first state visit to India in 2006. Her areas of interest include support groups as well as the empowerment and emancipation of women and youth. Ms. Jabarti received her B.A. and M.A. in European Language and Literature from King Abdulaziz University.   Photo From‘100-most-influential-arabs-world