An Online Educational Series

As our world rapidly fractures, people are experiencing deep uncertainty, instability and political distrust. This is an ideal moment for women to strengthen our bonds and collectively work to improve our communities and societies. This is how Muslim Women Zoom into the Quran and Muslim Women Zoom into Racism came to be.

WISE has initiated an online educational series “Spiritual Sunday Salon where Muslim women will “Zoom into issues”- pertinent to their spiritual lives and to promote societal common good.

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Muslim Women Zoom Into the Hajj - August 2020

Muslim Women Zoom Into Racism - June 2020

Muslim Women Zoom into the Quran


“What you’re doing is monumental ! You’re filling a true need in our community and in the wider world… I’ve been immensely uplifted by the meetings in just two short Sundays.”

“Thank you so much to provide an amazing platform where we can learn and meet many sisters. The session “Sunday Spiritual Salon” is a life-changing event, I am excited to attend all series in the future.”  

“It was an awesome meeting; may God bless you, the women leaders and all those involved in organizing… It was good to hear women speak with authority; such tremendous role models for younger people (in addition to their knowledge and expertise, of course) and warms this old heart.”

Meet the Panel: Scholars, Poet, Guide

Dr. Basma Abdelgafar

Vice President and Director of Education, Maqasid Institute

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Afra Jalabi

Writer, PhD Candidate at Concordia University; Her interest is in the theology of nonresistance and Quranic hermeneuthics

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Sheikha Maryam Kabeer

Author, Speaker, Spiritual Guide, Fellowship of Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

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Dr. S. Ayse Kadayifci-Orellana

Research Affiliate at Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security

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Laleh Bakhtiar

Author of The Sublime Quran, Translator and Clinical Psychologist

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Seemi Ghazi

Lecturer, Performer of Vocal Arts, Poet, Sufi Teacher

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Poet and Community Activist

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