Artwork by Salma Arastu

Muslim Women Arts Campaign 2020

Women’s Islamic Initiative In Spirituality & Equality (WISE) invites you to participate in a bold new social media campaign showcasing Muslim women artists.

Through this innovative new campaign, Muslim women artists will engage in a global conversation about the most critical issues effecting a new generation of Muslim women — such as continued media (mis)representation, women’s human rights, choice of personal appearance, self-perception in relation to Islam and the larger Muslim community. This campaign is designed to illuminate the experiences of emerging and established Muslim women artists in order to shift negative perceptions, inspire change, and advance a more insightful awareness of the rich diversity of Muslim women’s lives.

Participants must:

  • Identify as Muslim
  • Be an artist–have demonstrated ability to express ideas via video, photography, essays, fiction, poetry, songwriting/singing, art, etc.
  • Be willing to appear on social media
  • Be willing to have their art on social media as part of this campaign
  • Be available for public programs and media events, as the opportunity arises

Nominate yourself or a women you know below:

Muslim Woman Nominee

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