WISE Chapter

Looking to create a WISE chapter? Through collaborative efforts, WISE works with various local & regional women’s organizations, offering them training, capacity building, and consultative services in target countries. Provided below are guided projects that show how WISE chapters can implement WISE’s objectives, empowering Muslim women to participate more and become leaders within their local communities.

Organize an education forum

  • Plan an educational forum for a women’s rights issue with WISE
  • WISE provides context-specific knowledge-based services to help create an expert curriculum to present
  • Open the forum to the public
  • Present the issue through WISE’s curriculum
  • Allow time after the presentation, for a question and answer session
  • Provide attendees with steps to take to engage the issue within their own communities (which will be provided by WISE)

Arrange various outreach activities

  • Work with WISE on a specific women’s rights issue
  • WISE will provide knowledge-based targeted services
  • Create a pamphlet or flyer, organize a demonstration or protest, etc.
  • Provide services or information that allows for those who want to take active steps on the issue

Advocate for increased women’s involvement

  • Work with WISE’s targeted solutions, to build avenues to increase women’s involvement
  • Whether through local representation, or just by encouraging them to join or organize their own outreach activities, or through education


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