WISE Leaders of Tomorrow

WISE has been cultivating the next generation of Muslim leaders since 2004. By empowering young, dynamic emerging Muslim women leaders, we will creates a platform for future changemakers to convene and galvanize lasting social change worldwide. By empowering young dynamic emerging leaders from all walks of life, WLT will creates a platform to promote their message, generates a free and open public space where this community can vigorously debate ideas, share best practices and help one another become better leaders. With ideological, cultural, racial, and geographic diversity as key strengths, the WLT will step up as spokespeople and activists for peace and tolerance around our globe today.

  • Are you between the ages of 14 and 30?
  • Have you volunteered your time in service of others?
  • Did you raise funds for a social cause?
  • Have you stood up for social justice in defence of others?
  • Are you a founder of an innovative solution to societal problems?
  • Have you weighed into a pressing issue using a creative medium such as writing, blogging, art, fashion, film, poetry etc.
  • Do you exemplify the core values of Islam (service, mercy, justice and compassion) in your life, if so how?

Our Objectives


Network emerging Muslim Women leaders from around the world


Share and develop best practices between WLT’s


Invest WLT’s with leadership tools and skills to build their capacity


Build a platform for collective action to engage media, interfaith communities and policymakers


Promote an expression of Islam that highlights peace, pluralism, human dignity and women’s equality.

What We Do

Online Community

Zooming with Muslim Youth

Interfaith Alliances

Interfaith Dialogue
Interfaith Fellowship


Civic Engagement
Policy Briefs
Conflict Resolution
Peace Building
Media Engagement

Youth Mentoring

Spiritual Evolution
Leadership Development

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