Our Values & Compact

The WISE Compact is an encapsulation of the principles and mission of WISE that ties together the WISE network and serves as a common manifesto that guides woman in their work. The principles in the WISE Compact are grounded both in Islamic law, which contains a series of rights for all Muslim women, as well as a collective commitment to struggle for these rights together as the WISE community.


We, the women of WISE (Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality), declare gender equality to be an intrinsic part of the Islamic faith. As Muslims, we affirm our conviction that the Muslim woman is worthy of respect and dignity, that as a legal individual, spiritual being, social person, responsible agent, free citizen, and servant of God, she holds fundamentally equal rights to exercise her abilities and talents in all areas of human activity. Furthermore, we insist that these rights are embedded within the Qur’an and six objectives of Shari’a—the protection and promotion of religion (al-din), life (al-nafs), mind (al-‘aql), family (al-nasl), wealth (al-mal), and dignity (al-‘ird).

As WISE women, we embrace our collective and individual responsibility to work towards building a unified change movement of Muslim women – driven by compassion and justice – that will enable Muslim women to realize their full potential as individuals and in relationship to family, community, nation, and globe.

Protecting and Promoting Dignity

- By empowering Muslim women to make dignified personal, familial, and career choices.
-By promoting Muslim women’s human rights from an Islamic perspective.

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Protecting and Promoting Family

- By empowering Muslim women to choose their marriage partners.
- By ensuring that a basic quality of life and education is the right of all children.

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Protecting and Promoting Life

- By promoting the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health of Muslim women.
- By eliminating violence against Muslim women.

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Protecting and Promoting Mind

- By advancing Muslim women’s intellect at all levels of education and society.
- By defending Muslim women’s freedom to interpret, think, and express, especially concerning Islam’s primary texts.
- By promoting Muslim women’s rights to pursue their talents.

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Protecting and Promoting Religion

- By fostering Muslim women’s spiritual growth.
- By advancing Muslim women’s positions as religious and spiritual authorities.

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Protecting and Promoting Wealth

- By supporting Muslim women’s financial independence and access to material assets.

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