Sobia Malik


United Kingdom

Known for

Educational Consultant


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Sobia Malik


Sobia Malik has currently been recruited as an Education Consultant and specialist to combat alienation amongst young Muslim, male, teenagers in the North West of England. Ms. Malik has been a leading practitioner in tackling educational underachievement in schools across the UK for over a decade. She has presented on a national and regional level on Government strategies for improving English/literacy across the curriculum in mainstream schools as well as for the current project she has devised. Ms. Malik’s work allows her to use her own ethnic and religious background to focus on the growing concerns for disaffected young Pakistani Muslim boys who are consistently under achieving in schools. Her innovative work includes pioneering strategies to tackle Islamophobia and engender community cohesion by enlisting the support of wider community organisations. One such strategy has Imams and young Muslim professionals as mentors in order to strengthen links between parents, mosques, schools and the community. Her work in this area is also set to be the foundational research for her master's degree. Ms Malik is in the process of undertaking a project targeting support for Muslim women. The aim of the project is to enable those who are the most vulnerable in society, prioritizing women who have suffered from domestic abuse, socio-economic deprivation and are mothers’ of young children, through building training provisions in English, citizenship, life skills and self esteem and confidence. Apart from her career background in Education, she is also trained as a therapeutic Counselor and aims to empower Muslim women through self awareness training.