Indre Andrea Monjezi Brown



Known for

Co-Founder of Bildungs-und Beratungskarawane e.V


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Indre Andrea Monjezi Brown


Indre Andrea Monjezi Brown is the co-founder of Bildungs-und Beratungskarawane e.V in Dulsberg, one of the poorest areas in Hamburg, Germany. Ms. Monjezi Brown work is dedicated to securing rights for the Muslim migrant women of Hamburg. She is a member of the Aktionsbündnis Muslimischer Frauen Deutschland, a federation of Muslim women in Germany. She is also a former member of the women’s association Oft Schura Hamburg e. V, a federation of Hamburg mosques. Ms. Monjezi Brown graduated from the University of Hamburg in 2004 with a dual master’s degree in European Ethnology and European Arachaeology. She recently graduated with another master’s degree in Gender and Work from the University of Hamburg.