Fatin Yousef Bundagji


Saudi Arabia

Known for

Women's Rights


Hijri 1377-Present (AH); Common Era 1958-Present (CE)

Fatin Yousef Bundagji


Fatin Bundagji is the founder of the women's section of Jeddah Chamber of Commerce, where she is also the Director of Women's Empowerment and Research. In 2004, at the 3rd Arab International Women’s Forum, she presented on women’s role in the Saudi economy, citing Royal Decrees with the intention of activating the participation of Saudi women in the economic development of the country. She said, “Women in Saudi Arabia are known to own and manage their own businesses…They have the freedom to manage their own finances to which they have an inheritance right.” In 2006, Bundagji was the first Saudi woman to run in the Saudi Municipal elections.


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