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Fatima Salman


Fatima Salman is an MSW from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor with a concentration in Community Organizing and a minor in Management of Human Services. She holds a Bachelor of Science from The University of Michigan- Ann Arbor with double majors in Biology and Arabic. She currently works as the program coordinator for the Center for Leadership Development Program at the University of Michigan's Technical Assistance Center in Detroit, Michigan. She will be joining the Muslims Students Association as the inaugural Executive Director by mid-April.

A passionate activist of social justice, Fatima is committed to helping underserved populations and communities achieve their potential through empowerment, advocacy, and involvement. Fatima's theory of change is simple... that when individuals are able to recognize their unique and special potential, and are given a chance to nurture this potential, they will become empowered and able to become effective leaders and create change for themselves and their communities.

Fatima Salman serves on several local, regional, and national boards. She serves on the ISNA EC as the Central Zone Representative, as the education and youth chair on the Michigan Muslim Community Council, as the Majlis Youth Committee Advisor for MYNA, as the head of the Personal Development Committee for MYNA, as the chair of the Central Program Committee for this year's ISNA Convention, as the co-chair of the programs committee at The Children's Center in Detroit, on the West Bloomfield Township Diversity Committee, and on the Community Advisory Panel for DPTV. She is also amongst the inaugural fellows for EMERGE-USA, a national organization aimed to empower women to run for office and advocate for themselves and other women in their positions.

Fatima has three sons and a husband and lives in West Bloomfield, MI.