Fatima Jinnah



Known for

Figure in the Independence Movement of Pakistan


Hijri 1311–1387 (AH); Common Era 1893–1967 (CE)

Fatima Jinnah


Fatima Jinnah, known as Madr-e-Millat or mother of the nation was the younger sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. She was born July 30, 1893 in Karachi in what was then British India.1 Fatima attended Dr Ahmad Dental College and opened her own dental practice in Calcutta in 1923. A few years later, she gave up her practice and went to live with her brother after his wife Rutie passed away, leaving behind their only daughter Dina.2 In the years that followed, Fatima accompanied her brother on his official tours. By joining him, she taught Muslim women that they could stand beside men during the freedom struggle. In addition, she joined the All India Muslim League and helped form the All India Muslim Women Students Federation in Delhi in 1941. During the transfer of power after partition in 1947, Fatima played a significant role in the settlement of Muslim migrants from India in Pakistan.3 However, her most significant contribution came in 1965 when she defied tradition by running against President Ayub Khan during his re-election bid. Although, she was not the winning candidate, her campaign set a precedent. By running, she paved the way for future generations of women to be able to participate in public life in Pakistan.4 She passed away soon after in 1967.5   [1] Profile of Fatima Jinnah. [2] Jazbah Magazine: Fatima Jinnah (1893 - 1967). [3] Profile of Fatima Jinnah. [4] Jazbah Magazine: Fatima Jinnah (1893 - 1967). [5] Profile of Fatima Jinnah. [6] ibid.