Aminah Assilmi


United States

Known for

Director of the International Union of Muslim Women


Hijri 1364- 1431 (AH); Common Era 1945-2010 (CE)

Aminah Assilmi


Aminah Assilmi, 65, served as the Director of the International Union of Muslim Women. Her accomplishments included collecting millions of signatures for petitions that were presented to the United Nations in support of the thousands of women who were abused and raped during the ethnic cleansing campaigns in Bosnia. Despite health issues Ms. Assilmi maintained a rigorous schedule of speaking engagements around the nation and the world. She was instrumental in the U.S. Postal Service’s 2001 issuing of the “Eid” stamp, which marks the two main Muslim holidays. She started and laid the foundation for the Center for Muslim Women's Studies, which would serve as an educational center for new converts, as well as a summer camp for children. Equally important, Ms. Assilmi advocated fiercely for Muslim women's rights and equality within the framework of Islam. She drew on her knowledge and love for Islam to demand equity for Muslim women wherever it was denied to them.


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