Amat al-Wahid



Known for

Early Master of Qur’an and Jurist


Hijri Unknown–377 (AH); Common Era Unknown–987 (CE)

Amat al-Wahid


Amat al-Wahid, also known as Sutayah and “Servant of the Unique,” was a renowned master of the Qur’an, and able to give legal verdicts (fatwas). She was known for her presence in the decisions of sacred law made by Abu Ali Abu Hurayah. Scholars copied her traditions and transmitted them based on her authority alone. Al-Wahid—as well as another woman, Umm Isa bint Ibrahim—served as muftis in Baghdad at the time. Al-Wahid was regarded for the generous alms she gave to the poor. Amat al-Wahid was the daughter of the prominent jurist, al-Muhamili. Educated by her father and several tutors, she memorized the Qur’an at an early age, and was able to command Arabic literature and grammar. She had one son, Abu al-Husayn, who followed his mother’s practices and became a judge.


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