Books about Islam in America by Muslim Women

Leading While Muslim:
The Experiences of American Muslim After 9/11

by Debbie Almontaser

This book examines the lived experiences of American Muslim principals who serve in public schools post-9/11 to determine whether global events, political discourse, and the media coverage of Islam and Muslims have affected their leadership and spirituality.

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When Islam Is Not a Religion:
Inside America's Fight for Religious Freedom

by Asma T Uddin

A galvanizing look at constitutional freedoms in the United States through the prism of attacks on the rights of American Muslims.

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American Muslim Women, Religious Authority, and Activism:
More Than a Prayer

by Juliane Hammer

Following the events of 9/11, American Muslims found themselves under unprecedented scrutiny. Hammer looks at the work of significant female American Muslim writers, scholars, and activists, using their writings as a lens for a larger discussion of Muslim intellectual production in America and beyond.

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Muslim American Women on Campus:
Undergraduate Social Life and Identity

by Shabana Mir

An ethnographic study of women on Washington, D.C., college campuses reveals that being a young female Muslim in post-9/11 America means experiencing double scrutiny—scrutiny from the Muslim community as well as from the dominant non-Muslim community.

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Knowledge Ends Extremism

by Daisy Khan

A guide to counter extremism and Islamophobia, and to become an ambassador for peace.

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A Country Called Amreeka:
Arab Roots, American Stories

by Alia Malek

In a post-9/11 world, Arabic names are everywhere in America, but our eyes glaze over them; we sometimes don't know how to pronounce them or understand whence they come. A Country Called Amreeka gives us the faces behind those names and tells the story of a community it has become essential for us to understand. We can't afford to be oblivious.

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Peaceful Families:
American Muslim Efforts against Domestic Violence

by Professor Juliane Hammer

In Peaceful Families, Juliane Hammer chronicles and examines the efforts, stories, arguments, and strategies of individuals and organizations doing Muslim anti–domestic violence work in the United States.

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