Deana Helmy


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Hijri - Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era - Unknown-Present (CE)

Deana Helmy


Deana Helmy is a Licensed Marriage and Family Counseling Therapist who strives to improve the emotional and social strength of Muslim families in Riverside, California. Helmy works for the Muslim Family Foundation, a unique non-profit organization that identifies the gap in mental health services for many Muslim communities, and thus educates and strengthens families with counseling services, group seminars, and educational workshops. In addition to her work with MFF, Helmy serves as the director of Counseling Services at ICNA Relief’s Crescent Counseling Center in Anaheim. ICNA Relief embodies the Muslim commitment to public service by offering its clients a wide range of programming from free health clinics, hunger prevention education, refugee resettlement services, and much more. Helmy has thus dedicated her career to improving the lives of Muslims, strengthening families, and encouraging social harmony and happiness.