Imane Karich



Known for

Islamic Finance in Belgium


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Imane Karich


Imane Karich is the General Secretary of the CEREI (Cercle d'Etudes et de Recherches en Economie Islamique), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and developing Islamic Finance in Belgium. She is also collaborating on two other projects: French-speaking magazine respecting Islamic values and Belgian Muslim Professionals Organization (ABPM: Association Belge des Professionnels Musulmans). She has also published two books on Islamic Finance : Le Système Financier Islamique, de la Religion è la Banque, Editions Larcier, 2002, Finances & Islam, Editions Le Savoir, 2004. Her new publications will be released in 2007 and are titled: Guide des Affaires en Islam; Guide de l'Investissement en Islam; Guide de l'Assurance en Islam. To be issued in 2007. She also published articles on Islamic Finance and Economy in the main French-speaking Belgian economic newspapers "l'Echo", in the main banking revue, the "Revue Bancaire et Financière" and in the French newspaper "Le Monde". She also appeared on Belgian and French radios (Vivacité, Radio 21, Europe 1). Born in Brussels, Belgium, she graduated in Business Administration from the HEC of Brussels. She acquired Certified Financial Analyst and Financial Risk Manager certification. She is currently working as Internal Auditor on Financial Markets and Risk Management departments in the ING Bank.