Ayesha Mattu


United States

Known for

Writer, Photographer, Philanthropy Consultant, Board Member of the Muslim Women's Fund


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Ayesha Mattu


Ayesha A. Mattu is a writer, photographer, philanthropy consultant, and board member of the Muslim Women's Fund. Ms. Mattu is a founding board member for the Muslim Women's Fund, the first fund solely focused on serving 600 million Muslim women worldwide. She also serves on the board of the Women’s Funding Network (WFN), a coalition of 130 women's organizations around the world. Ms. Mattu has worked in Pakistan at Sahil, where she helped to address the controversial issue of child sexual abuse in a Muslim country. She then moved to Boston where she joined Grassroots International in supporting social justice organizations in six countries. She then worked at the Global Fund for Women in San Francisco, raising significant funds to disburse to women's organizations in 167 countries. She also served on the International Development Exchange (IDEX) board. Ms. Mattu has raised millions of foundation dollars for global human rights issues over the past 12 years. Through her work she supports issues including women’s human rights, reproductive health, economic security, and access to education. Her work focuses on marginalized, minority, and indigenous women in the Global South. She has an award-winning blog, and is the co-editor for the upcoming Muslim-American women’s anthology Love, Insh’Allah.   Photo From https://bookamuslim.com/ayesha-mattu/