Al Nahdiah


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Al Nahdiah


Nahdiah was a companion of the Prophet Muhammad. Her personal name has also been reported as Hakima bint Habib ibn Kuwayb, with Nahdiah being a tribal name. Her father came from the Thaqif tribe while her mother was from the Quraysh. Al-Nahdiah and her daughter were enslaved by a rich woman living in Mecca. This did not stop Al-Nahdiah from converting to Islam, as she readily accepted the message of the Prophet Muhammad early on. Due to her low social ranking, the Quraysh began targeting Al-Nahdiah in 614. The Quraysh set up various methods of torture for the Muslims to undergo. These methods ranged from tying the Muslims up under the burning Mecca sun to flogging. Al-Nahdiah held onto her faith throughout the trial and remained a practicing Muslim. One day, Al-Nahdiah was grinding flour with her daughter while their mistress, a pagan, mocked them, telling them that they will never be free from their enslavement. Abu Bakr, while passing by, scolded their mistress. Abu Bakr exchanged money with the mistress for Al-Nahdiah and her daughter and set them both free. Al-Nahdiah later emigrated to Medina with the rest of the Muslims alongside the Prophet.