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WISE has always been at the forefront of promoting peace, pluralism and women’s rights around the world.

This past year has not been easy. American women suffered a major setback with the reversal of Roe vs. Wade, Afghan women are stripped of their right to education and Iranian women are agitating for basic freedoms. In all these situations, one thing is clear that women continue to bear the brunt of policies shaped by men with political agendas.

At WISE, we respond to these crises by empowering women with clarity and knowledge that encourages open and honest dialogue in deeply divided societies.

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When Roe vs Wade was center stage, few opponents of Muslims seized an opportunity to equate this reversal with Shariah, to which we responded swiftly. See our views in this article. Abortion bans aren't Sharia, say NJ Muslims (

WISE joined the women's convention of the Women’s March in Houston where 10,000 women strategized together for a better future.

WISE joined a Women’s Peace and Education Delegation to Afghanistan where we met officials from Education Ministry who assured us that girls’ schools would open soon. These officials have been replaced with hard-liners who continue to devalue women’s role in society. The delegation published an extensive report which was shared widely with US policymakers and members of Congress.

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When we saw that Taliban’s first year of governing was an affront to Islam we penned this Op-ed in the Hill.

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When the recent decree banned university education for Afghan women we wrote an Op-Ed in Religion News Service to show how Talibans’ actions are antithetical to Islam’s core teachings.

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With input from our Afghan NGO partners, WISE will double its efforts to host online courses for women to offer a wide range of actions to inform, educate, and equip them to advocate for their rights.

The research for these courses is culled from the upcoming book titled “30 Rights of Muslim Women – Islam, Quran, and Shariah”– which argues for faith-based rights of women using scriptural interpretation and tradition. This critical resource is not only sorely needed, but most importantly, the evidence presented on women’s rights is hard for the Taliban to reject.

This past year has revealed that our work is more relevant than ever before. We are working on critical issues that affect women everywhere. Today, we ask you to make a generous donation to advance our work . Your donation will have a significant impact on the lives of those whom we serve.

If you are willing to sponsor the online education, with your support we can provide Afghan women with laptops, high-speed Internet service, books, and presentations.

We understand you have other commitments. We hope you choose WISE in your giving, to ensure that Muslim women worldwide will benefit from what we do here today.

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A Muslim Woman Marriage Officiant

WISE is offering Marriage Officiant services to couples planning their wedding. Dr. Khan has been officiating interfaith-Muslim marriage since 2004. With the rising demand for performing wedding services WISE is offering officiant services to couples seeking an eloquent and thoughtful presentation that combines elements of a traditional Nikah with a modern presentation. To request a consultation, send an email or contact WISE office at 551-312-9978.

Daisy Khan received a Doctorate in Ministry (D.Min.) with fellow interfaith teachers. WISE will continue to work from the bottom up as a grassroots interfaith movement that fosters pluralism among a diverse range of faith communities.

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Checks are payable to the Fund for the City of New York, Inc (EIN 13-2612524) with a notation in the memo “for WISE,” and mailed to the following address
c/o Fund for the City of New York, Inc.
121 6th Avenue, 6th Floor
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