Our Research

Research – Provide research and evidence-based reports for Muslim women’s advocacy efforts.

The Shura Council

The Shura Council is generating a space in which Muslim women can actively dialogue and collaborate on pressing issues of social justice, in order to articulate an ethical and egalitarian Islam. Comprised of Muslim women scholars and activists, the Council aims to promote equality for Muslim women by conducting research, providing Islamic positions on relevant issues, and disseminating this information to the media and WISE network. Operating under the framework of justice, the WISE Shura Council is creating a crucial space for scholarship and activism that contributes to Muslim women’s struggle for justice and a broad vision of acting in public spaces

The Issues

Despite monolithic depictions in both Eastern and Western media, Muslim women represent a diverse and heterogeneous sociological group. While they may confront similar challenges or find common ground in some areas, the lived experiences of Muslim women vary considerably, depending on the socio-historical and political contexts in which they lead their lives. WISE has conducted research on various issues impacting Muslim women across the globe, providing Quranic support for women’s education, access to healthcare, inheritance rights and much more.

 “You and the WISE staff and supporters have done it again! You have provided a cutting edge and empowering opportunity for Women to speak and act from the strongest part of their being: their hearts and minds. I witnessed the transformative power of this conference over the last four days and saw Women who were tentative in some part of their being leave us in full voice. The lessons 52 learned will make WISE wiser, stronger and more powerful and the successes will provide a strong foundation for future vision and accomplishments”

-Ayisha Jeffries, United States