Muslim women march for equal rights

10:38 AM
December 2
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A group of Muslim women and activists marched to Jantar Mantar to protest against non-implementation of the Rajinder Sachar Committee recommendations and to voice their views on conjugality and personal laws for Muslim women, and equal citizenship rights.

The convention — Sadak Se Sansad Tak — was organised by Bebaak Collective, a forum of autonomous women’s groups and individuals striving to further the rights of Muslim women who come from States like Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Bihar, West Bengal, and Madhya Pradesh.

The women gathered to discuss and debate issues pertaining to Muslim women such as education, employment, religious extremism, discrimination, violence and other fundamental rights mandated by the Constitution.

“With rising communal hatred towards Muslims, it is known that women become the bearers of “honour” of the community and are subjected to strict forms of surveillance and moral policing by members of their own family and community, albeit using the rhetoric of security and protection,” said an official statement released by Bebaak Collective

“Education, employment and mobility of Muslim women are major casualties under such circumstances. It is obvious that the current situation in our country deserves immediate attention and much-needed deliberation related to lived realities of Muslim women,” the statement added.

The participants at the convention were mostly Muslim women, who have faced violence and discrimination based on religious faith, gender, narrow identity politics, and fundamentalism.

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