Zaynab bint Sulayman


Syrian Arab Republic

Known for

Princess, Teacher, and Hadith Scholar


Hijri Unkown-142 (AH); Common Era Unknown-759 (CE)

Zaynab bint Sulayman


Zaynab bint Sulayman was the daughter of Sulayman ibn Ibrahim ibn Rahmat, a cousin of al-Saffah who was the former governor of Basra, Bahrain, and Oman during the caliphate of al-Mansur and established the Abbasid caliphate. Thus, Zaynab was born into a privileged household and led an exceptional early life for she was, by birth, a princess. Born into such a lifestyle, Zaynab received an outstanding education, but she particularly excelled in learning and mastering the hadith. She found her niche in society not as a princess of the ruling class but as a teacher. Through this course of study, she acquired an honored position and a reputation as one of the most distinguished traditionists of the time. Moreover, she gave lessons to some of the most esteemed men of her time in Syria. After that, she moved to Egypt where she lived out the rest of her days. She continued teaching to spread her acquired knowledge until she died. Over the years her prodigious skill as a teacher gave her the moniker “Mustanadud-Dameshyak” or “A Lady Authorized from Damascus.”


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