Umm Kulthum



Known for

The Arab World’s Most Famous Singer


Hijri 1321-1394 (AH); Common Era 1904-1975 (CE)

Umm Kulthum


Umm Kulthum is arguably the Arab world’s most famous singer. Thirty years after her death in 1975, her music still remains widely popular. Umm Kulthum was born to a poor family from the Upper Delta in Egypt. When she was a young girl her father, an Imam, dressed her up as a boy and allowed her to perform in public. In 1923, she moved to Cairo where her fame grew. Her songs, often hours long, centered around love and longing. She was also known for her renditions of classical poetry. After the 1952 Egyptian coup, Umm Kulthum recorded many songs in support of the new republic. After the Seven Days War, she toured extensively to raise money for Egypt. Umm Kulthum, even at the height of her fame, identified herself as a simple girl from a rural community, reflecting the conservative and familial values of the majority of Egyptians. Her popularity, especially among Egyptians, is unrivaled. During her monthly concerts, the streets would empty as people rushed to hear her on the radio. Four million people attended her funeral in 1975, the second largest public gathering in Egypt.


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