Sylvana Lakkis



Known for

President of the Lebanese Physical Handicapped Union, and Disability Activist


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Sylvana Lakkis


Lakkis is President of the Lebanese Physical Handicapped Union, a non-profit organization of people with physical disabilities, which has been working on issues related to different abilities since 1981. It is a national, non-sectarian organization with various forms of physical disability. The group has 1,100 members, relies heavily on volunteers, and includes community branches in seven areas of Lebanon: Beirut, Bar Elias, Ballbek Mashgara, Nabatieh, Tyre and Saida. Lakkis has worked with the organization since 1986, and has been president since 2001. She has planned and implemented projects regarding disability rights and advocacy of those rights.


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