Syeda Sultana Razia



Known for

Associate Professor of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and Human Rights Activist


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Syeda Sultana Razia


Syeda Sultana Razia is an Associate Professor of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). Dr. Razia is affiliated with a number of local and international organizations dealing with women rights, human rights and social welfare. She is an Executive Committee member and Director of the Advocacy cell for women rights of Masjid Council for Community Advancement (MACCA), a faith based development, humanitarian and campaigning organization operating from Dhaka ( She is the Vice-president of Witness, a study circle established for the purpose of developing a generation of Intellectual Muslim Women with balanced understanding of Islam with particular emphasize on Gender Equity, Social Justice and Methodology of Islamic Jurisprudence. She is also a founding member of, a virtual organization focusing on educating people through virtual school, email list, online library, online magazine etc. She is the Assistant General Secretary of Bangladesh Chapter of Assembly for Protection of Hijab ( an England based organization formed in 2003 to protect Muslim women’s right to wear head scarf and a Member of the Canada based human rights organization International Society for Peace and Human Rights -ISPHR ( Dr. Razia speaks frequently on social, religious and women rights issues on national television (BTV) and private satellite channels of Bangladesh. She has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Alberta.