Sri Wahyuni



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Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Sri Wahyuni


Sri Wahyuni is the Director of PATIMADORA, an Aceh-base NGO focused on assisting and encouraging women’s capacity-building and participation in development and conflict resolution. Ms. Wahyuni has been an activist in the field of human rights, peace building and conflict resolution in Aceh since 2000. She has led a program dedicated to reintegrating ex-combatants into the community using art and culture. Ms. Wahyuni has worked for several years at the Indonesia Planned Parenthood Association in Jarkarta. Additionally, she has worked with the Asia Foundation-Jakarta focusing on media, human rights and democracy issues. Ms. Wahyuni has recently begun researching Acehnese spiritual arts. She hopes to use this knowledge to support building peace and eliminating violence within Aceh.