Shifa Mohiuddin


United States

Known for

Public Health Advocate - Asian American Center of Frederick


Hijri - Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era - Unknown-Present (CE)

Shifa Mohiuddin


Shifa Mohiuddin is a public health professional passionate about her community. With a background in both social services and medical school, Mohiuddin advocates for the physical, mental, and spiritual health of Muslim and Asian American communities in innovative ways. She has provided domestic violence case referrals in Urdu, worked with imams to educate mosques on gender-based violence, and coordinated health clinic appointments for underinsured immigrant communities. Now after completing all medical training, Mohiuddin works as a Community Health Educator in partnership with the Initiative on Islam and Medicine at the University of Chicago. This project brilliantly combines research and grassroots outreach to ensure cross-cultural understanding and collaboration during end-of-life care in the U.S. medical system. Mohiuddin continues fighting for all communities’ right to holistic health care, breaking linguistic, cultural, and institutional barriers along the way.