Senay Özdemir



Known for

Founder of SEN Magazine


Hijri 1389-Present (AH); Common Era 1969-Present (CE)

Senay Özdemir


Senay Özdemir, In March 2004 the former tv-presenter and producer Senay Ozdemir launched SEN Magazine. Seven months later it was elected as the 'best new magazine of 2004' by de Volkskrant, the biggest newspaper of Holland. Two months later, Het Parool (another large newspaper) mentioned Senay Ozdemir as one of the most inspiring and of the 10 top women in the Netherlands. SEN, the monthly magazine, Senay Ozdemir financed with her own money. It is stylish, positive-minded, a mainstream woman's magazine with a typical touch. It is a magazine for the Mediterranean women in Holland. A better word than 'foreigners' or 'immigrants' when Senay defines her targetgroup: Mediterranean women with an Islamic background from the age of 20-35. Her main goal is: positiveness in this strange period of fear for each other. "I am tired of this collective sadness in the world. There is so many nice things we all share. I want to write about happiness, mixed-up love, show beautiful children of mixed marriages, show how beautiful Mediterranean women are, bring them a platform where they can be themselves, like any other women on earth: sensual, interesting but above all a woman with all her needs: love, care and tenderness."