Salima Tlemcani



Known for

Journalist and Winner of IWMF Courage in Journalism Award


Hijri 1388-Present (AH); Common Era 1969-Present (CE)

Salima Tlemcani


Salima Tlemcani is the pen name of an Algerian journalist who began writing for El Watan an independent French daily in Algeria. Tlemcani was forced to adopt the pseudonym after receiving death threats in 1994 from militant Islamic groups. She is a winner of the IWMF Courage in Journalism Award. Tlemcani particularly covers armed groups in Algeria as wells as the killings of intellectuals and journalists. Due to her outspokenness, she is considered an enemy by many of these groups. Her name was included on a “death list” released by La Armée Islamiste de Salut and GIA—ten of the other 22 journalists have been assassinated. Additionally, Tlemcani has written about the ways terrorism effects its victims in all its forms. Not simply discussing bombings and gun violence, Tlemcani, through eyewitness accounts, has shed light on women being raped by Islamic terrorists and populations being massacred. Tlemcani has also written on economics, corruption, and the misuse of public funds in Algeria but still reports on women and minority rights. Tlemcani has been sued by the government in response to her articles, including the Algerian Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of National Security. She has also appealed a one-year prison sentence imposed as the result of a lawsuit by the Ministry of Health for an investigation she did of a public cardiac surgical clinic where the death rate was too high.


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