Sajia Behgam



Known for

Gender and Policy Advisor in the GTZ Gender Mainstreaming Project


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Sajia Behgam


Sajia Behgam is a Gender and Policy Advisor in the GTZ Gender Mainstreaming Project. Ms. Behgam is responsible for issues as they relate to national gender policy and Islamic perspectives. Her current work includes policy analysis, management, gender equality advocacy and capacity development. During the Taliban years Ms. Behgam ran an underground school for girls as well as forming a youth network which continued to function in the post Taliban era. In the past eight years Ms. Behgam has worked extensively on both women’s and youth issues. She was part of the organizing committee for the Young Leader’s Forum (YLF) and represented young Afghan women in Kenya, Switzerland, Norway and Germany on issues as diverse as elections, democracy, peace building and youth and women’s rights. The YLF worked to coordinate Afghan youth groups and towards a specific youth directorate under the Ministry of Information and Culture. Ms. Behgam is experienced in conference organization, public advocacy and lobbying. She has worked with government, the international community and civil society including Medica Mondiale and Radio Good Morning Afghanistan. Ms. Begham is a devout Muslim women with a strong belief in women’s rights under Islam. She has a Bachelor of Law and Political Science (Women’s Leadership) degree from Kabul University.