Rosnani Sahardin



Known for

Senior Lecturer, Research and Teaching Assistant at Syiah Kuala University


Hijri 1377-Present (AH); Common Era 1957-Present (CE)

Rosnani Sahardin


Rosnani Sahardin is a Senior Lecturer, research and teaching assistant to Prof. Dr. Bahrein Sugihen, a sociologist at Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh (Province of Aceh, Indonesia). Ms. Sahardin’s main interest deals with education and women and their relative place in the local community and public domain. Her researches include women in the middle of armed conflict in Aceh, the roles of women ullema (religiously learned women) in Acehness society, and women’s current conditions in Aceh. Recently, she joined a research team from Harvard University to study psycho-social problems related to the thirty years armed conflict in the province of Aceh. For a number of years, Ms. Sahardin had been program consultant to the Provincial Family Planning Board of Aceh. She has also participated in national and local seminars on women’s rights. In March 2009, she returned from Bangkok, Thailand to take part in a seminar on peace-building and conflict resolution sponsored by Mahidol University, Bangkok, in cooperation with the Berghoft Peace Support Foundation, Germany.