Riem Spielhaus



Known for

Board of the Muslim Academy in Germany, Academic and Activist


Hijri 1394-Present (AH); Common Era 1974-Present (CE)

Riem Spielhaus


Riem Spielhaus is member of the board of the Muslim Academy in Germany, which is aiming at supporting Muslims to participate in the public and political discourse on German and European society. Among numerous other projects she has initiated regularly meetings between women's representatives of the Islamic umbrella organizations and Muslim women's initiatives in Germany with the Federal Ministry of Women. In her work as an academic she has published articles on the institutionalization of Islam in Germany and on the shift in the public discourse from a focus on immigrants to one on Muslims. She has just fished a survey on the 80 mosques and prayer rooms in the German capital Berlin. The German government recently invited her to join a group of advisors on the question how to improve the situation of female immigrants in Germany. Born in East-Berlin, she graduated in Islamic studies in 2001 and after working for the federal commissioner for Integration, Migration and Refugees she is teaching at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. In 2005 Riem Spielhaus carried out a research on Dialogue with Islam in South Asia.