Rebecca Rafique


United Kingdom

Known for

Senior Consultant with Whitepaper Consultancy


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Rebecca Rafique


Rebecca Rafique is a Senior Consultant with Whitepaper Consultancy, a specialist political consultancy, which bridges the gap between grassroots community affairs and the policy decision-making process at Westminster. Ms. Rafique’s specialist knowledge is in parliamentary affairs and international politics. With her close links to the Muslim community in London, Ms. Rafique keeps in good stead with current affairs and issues, which are affecting European Muslims today. She is currently helping to facilitate a young Muslim leadership program to be held in Switzerland this year. Ms. Rafique spent five years as a Public Information specialist with two United Nations Peacekeeping Operations in various countries in Africa. She also served as a Gender Focal Point Officer for women in post-conflict situations in the Ivory Coast. Combined with her work as a Parliamentary Researcher at Westminster, Ms. Rafique is an experienced media advisor in UK, international and humanitarian affairs. Ms. Rafique also serves as the Director of Media Affairs for Musiad UK, an NGO specializing in trade and business links between Turkey and the wider European Community. Her current interests are in UN policy and resolutions, especially in the area of global democracy. She has currently written a paper on the role of the UN in global democracy promotion. Ms. Rafique has a double-masters; a MBA and a Masters in conflict studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science.