Nusayba bint Ka’b al-Ansariyah


Saudi Arabia

Known for

Early Convert to Islam and First Female to Protect Religious Freedom


Hijri Unknown~70 (AH); Common Era Unknown~690 (CE)

Nusayba bint Ka’b al-Ansariyah


Nusayba, also known as Umm Omara and al-Maziniyyah, was an early convert to Islam and the first female to fight for religious freedom. Nusayba was a part of the Banu Najjar tribe living in Medina during the time of the Prophet. She was one of only two women who partook in the second pledge of allegiance to Islam by newly converted Muslims. Although initially accompanying the warriors in battle to provide assistance, she fought alongside the Prophet against the Meccans in the Battle of Uhud, where she protected him from the arrows of the opposition. She went on to participate in Battle of Hunain, Battle of Yamama, and the Treaty of Hudaibiyah. After the Prophet died, she continued to be revered for her continued allegiance to Islam, and lived through the rule of Abu Bakr and Umar ibn Al-Khattab. There is ambiguity about the end of her life but it is certain that she is currently buried in Mecca.


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