Noor Tagouri


United States

Known for

Journalist and Speaker


Hijri 1414-Present (AH); Common Era 1993-Present (CE)

Noor Tagouri


Noor Tagouri is a Libyan American who is a journalist and speaker. She hopes to become the first hijabi to be a news anchor for a major newsmedia outlet. She is currently a reporter for Newsy and her work has took her across the country, meeting every day Americans and sharing their stories. She has also launched The Noor Effect, which is a movement dedicated to reclaiming the power of women by normalizing the true representation of all women in different mediums. The Noor Effect is a line of women empowerment clothes combating sex trafficking. Noor was also featured on Playboy Magazine’s 2016 Renegades, making her the first hijabi to be featured in the magazine and breaking stereotypes and social mores along the way.   Photocredit: