Nabila Freidji



Known for

CEO of Cash One


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Nabila Freidji


Nabila Freidji is CEO of Cash One, a Central Bank-regulated Moroccan financial organization that distributes financial products and services to the non-banked (money transfer, consumer credit, ATMs). Ms. Freidji is also General Manager of TURJUMAN, a translation agency that specializes in general, technical and legal translation. Previously, for over eleven years, she served as Executive Manager in a bank subsidiary and leader in card business and money transfers in Morocco. From 1995-1996, she was a TV show moderator in a national TV program. Ms. Freidji is a member of several associations, including a founding member of Sister Cities International Morocco, the Board of Directors of the Casablanca-Chicago Sister Cities Association, and the San Diego World Trade Center.