Mozn Hassan



Known for

Head of Nazra for Feminist Studies


Hijri 1399-Present (AH); Common Era 1979-Present (CE)

Mozn Hassan


Mozn Hassan is an Egyptian Feminist and the head of Nazra for Feminist Studies, a new NGO focusing on research and training based in Cairo, Egypt. Ms. Hassan’s vision is to create a new, young perspective in the arena of Egyptian and MENA activism in the field of feminism. Prior to the initiative in Feminist Studies, Ms. Hassan has been involved with various NGOs throughout Egypt. She has also served as a legal researcher for the American University in Cairo for projects on Shari’a, criminal justice and Human Rights in MENA. Outside of her NGO work, she has extensive experience as a trainer and researcher on women’s rights issues. Ms. Hassan earned her BA in Greco Roman Studies from Alexandria University in 2000. She then went on to earn a diploma in Civil Society and Human Rights at Cairo University in 2002. She earned her MA at the American University in Cairo in 2005 for International Human Rights Law. Her thesis was titled “Legal Interpretations to the Right of Divorce and Polygamy and the Egyptian Feminist Movement.”