Mona Haydar


United States

Known for

Poet, Activist, Musician and Educator


Hijri 1409-Present (AH); Common Era 1989-Present (CE)

Mona Haydar


Mona Haydar is a poet and activist and the daughter of Syrian immigrants. She grew up in Flint, Michigan and attended the University of Michigan before living in Damascus to study Arabic and Islamic spirituality. Currently, Haydar is working on her second collection of poems as well as her first nonfiction work on “Islamic spirituality through the lens of other spiritual traditions.” She is also working on her Masters in Divinity. Additionally, she teaches classes and retreats on Islamic spirituality and mindfulness and heads workshops on creative writing, where she performs her poetry. She and her husband set up a stand in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with signs that read “Talk to a Muslim,” and “Ask a Muslim,” to promote and open and supportive dialogue between Muslims and non-Muslims. The act received attention from various news outlets, including the Boston Globe, Al Jazeera, and NPR. On Muslim Women’s Day of 2017, Haydar released her first single and music video, called “Hijabi,” which features many women of diverse ethnic backgrounds, including a pregnant Haydar,  dancing and wearing hijabs, providing a counter-narrative to how Muslim women are perceived by western society.     Photocredit: