Lolwah Al-Faisal


Saudi Arabia

Known for

Part of the Executive Committee of the World Economic Forum


Hijri 1367-Present (AH); Common Era 1948-Present (CE)

Lolwah Al-Faisal


Her Royal Highness Lolwah Al-Faisal is on the Executive Committee of the World Economic Forum. She is the Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees and General Supervisor at Effat College, and has been a vocal supporter of women’s and girls’ access to education. In 2007, her remarks at the World Economic Forum inspired wide-scale discussion of Saudi Arabia’s ban on women drivers. The moderator, asked Lolwah Al-Faisal: “What would you do, princess, if you were queen for a day? I won’t tell anyone.” She responded dryly: “First thing, I’d let women drive.” After much applause, she continued, “Or else have a great transportation system, which we don’t have.”Al-Faisal acknowledged that Saudi women can now hold many jobs that were once off-limits, but that their inability to drive still holds them back from job and school opportunities. In 2008, Al-Faisal’s panel at the World Economic Forum focused on the need for better education. Her father, King Faisal, who ruled from 1964-1975, had a reputation as progressive, and first instituted education for Saudi girls.


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