Lauren Booth


United Kingdom

Known for

Journalist for Press TV, and Activist


Hijri 1387-Present (AH); Common Era 1967-Present (CE)

Lauren Booth


In 2010, the news that Lauren Booth, half-sister of Cherie Blair and sister-in-law of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, had converted to Islam sparked a media frenzy. Lauren’s decision to become a Muslim came immediately after her trip to Qom, Iran, where she visited the shrine of Fatima Al-Masumeh in what she described as a “holy experience.”1 Prior to her conversion, Lauren was an active pro-Palestine advocate, journeying to Gaza in 2008 in light of Israel’s then blockade of the region.2 She remains an activist and currently works for Press TV, an English-language Iranian news channel.3 In light of the media attention surrounding her conversion, Lauren published an article in The Guardian entitled “Lauren Booth: I’m now a Muslim.Why all the shock and horror?” In this personal, slightly sardonic account, she explained how she came to embrace Islam and described her new lifestyle, which includes shunning alcohol, performing the five daily prayers, and reading the Quran.4 Ultimately, Lauren sought to reveal her newfound religious understanding and show that Islam and Muslims are not so foreign as some might perceive them to be. [1] "Tony Blair's sister-in-law Lauren Booth converts to Islam," Daily Mail.   [2]Ibid. [3]Ibid. [4]Lauren Booth: I'm now a Muslim," The Guardian.


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