Joumanah El Matrah



Known for

Executive Director of Islamic Women’s Welfare Council of Victoria


Hijri 1389-Present (AH); Common Era 1969-Present (CE)

Joumanah El Matrah


Joumanah El Matrah is the Executive Director of the Islamic Women’s Welfare Council of Victoria and has published a number of works on Muslim women in Australia. Trained as a psychologist, Ms. El Matrah is a community development worker and has been active in the community welfare sector for ten years. She was a member of the Ministerial Advisory Council for Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, Department of Human Services, Victorian Government and one of the Directors for the Victorian Women’s Trust. She was also an invited participant to the Ninth Annual Global Women’s Leadership Institute; Realising the Vision of Women’s Human Rights: Understanding the Intersections of Racism, Sexism and Other Oppressions. Ms. El Matrah is also a Churchill Fellow, researching the impact of the human rights movement on Muslim women internationally. She has been a member of numerous committees and boards, and recently she co-chaired the Muslim Reference Group’s subcommittee, Education and Training of Clerics and Lay Teachers and Leaders.