Hatoon Al Fassi


Saudi Arabia

Known for

Professor at King Saud University


Hijri 1384–Present (AH); Common Era 1964–Present (CE)

Hatoon Al Fassi


Hatoon Al Fassi is a historian at Riyadh's King Saud Univerity and a crusader for women's rights. Her areas of expertise include women's history, women's issues and Islamic rights, civil reform issues, history of the Arabian Peninsula, Ancient history, heritage preservation, and consumer’s rights. She is a columnist for al-Riyadh Newspaper. She has had notable media appearances, including being interviewed by Frontline, and featured in a piece by Reuters. In 2004 campaigned for women’s right in the suffrage in Saudi Arabia. In 2005, she joined the team to write the First Gulf Human Development Report, and was in charge of the section on women and development.


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