Fatima Outaleb



Known for

Founding Member and Executive Board Member, Union de l’Action Féminine (Union of Women’s Action)


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Fatima Outaleb


Fatima Outaleb is a founding member and executive board member of Union de l’Action Féminine (Union of Women’s Action, UAF). Ms. Outaleb is also a permanent UAF representative at the ECOSOC, as well as director of a UAF shelter for women victims of violence. Ms. Outaleb is a member of the human rights follow-up group MOROCDH for the implementation of the treaty body recommendations. She was a member of the working committee on Gender and Development in Morocco in partnership with the British Council, and she is currently the sipu (SIDA) local partner in Morocco for the implementation of a training program on gender equality. She has contributed to or led many campaigns in Morocco, including a recent national campaign on early marriages. Ms. Outaleb’s academic and professional training lies in the areas of education and human rights, and she holds a diploma in women’s rights from Raoul Wallenberg Institute and a certificate from the Human Rights Treaty body recommendations at the national level. A mother of two children, she was originally an English teacher and trainer (holding a BA in English Literature and high study degree on ELT), before she was appointed to the UAF by the Moroccan Ministry of Education.