Farheen Khan



Known for

Consultant, Activist, and Author of "From Behind the Veil: A Hijabi’s Journey to Happiness"


Hijri Unknown–Present (AH); Common Era Unknown–Present (CE)

Farheen Khan


Farheen Khan is a Canadian author, activist, and consultant of South Asian origin. In 2010 she published From Behind the Veil: A Hijabi’s Journey to Happiness. In her memoir, she discusses being the victim of an Islamophobic attack in a Toronto apartment building, an experience she chose not to report for fear of dishonoring her family and community. Unfortunately, however, internalizing these feelings for so long had physiological consequences, even causing anaphylactic shock. Her subsequent inability to consume several major food groups because of allergies she developed under stress spurred the creation of Food-4-Thought, a Website containing resources and links for those with severe allergies. Since her attack, Farheen has overcome the majority of her allergies and has dedicated her life to social and communal activism, with a particular focus on sexual violence. She has been involved with several organizations, such as CAMP Canada (Council for the Advancement of Muslim Professionals), and currently serves as the Operations Manager at the Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Centre of Peel, located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Farheen frequently writes on topics such as Islam, hijab, and violence against women, and contributes to several online Websites and blogs that cater to Muslim audiences. A graduate of two Canadian leadership development programs, the United Way of Greater Toronto’s CITY (Creative Institute for Toronto’s Young) Leaders progam and the Maytree Foundation’s Leaders for Change program, Farheen is currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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