Farah Zeb


United Kingdom

Known for

Services Manager for Refuge


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Farah Zeb


Farah Zeb is a Services Manager for Refuge, a national UK Charity that has been working on issues of domestic violence for nearly forty years. Ms. Zeb’s role includes advocating for and ensuring that statutory and non statutory agencies are made aware of the culturally sensitive support needs of women from South Asia. Although women who have contacted the South Asian schemes run by Refuge represent various religious backgrounds, many of them are Muslim. Ms. Zeb is interested in different approaches to challenging the complacency and active silencing of women’s voices by dominant segments of cultural and religious communities. Many South Asian women arriving at refuges across England have endured years of violence, with minimum information about their rights. This is further compounded by stringent immigration regulations, resulting in detrimental financial constraints. Ms. Zeb works as part of a specialized team to address such issues and advocates for women whose lives are layered with multiple complexities and multiple traumas, in the hope that they can begin to rebuild their lives. In previous positions, Ms. Zeb has actively participated in setting up a women's centre, a women's counseling service and a women's help line. She has been working in the arena of homelessness, mental health and violence against women for many years. She is a fully trained counselor, holds an MSc in Gender and Social Policy, as well as an MA in Islamic Studies. Farah’s academic work focuses on exploring the spirit of faith and ethics. She presented papers at the American Academy of Religion conferences in 2007 and 2008 respectively, analyzing gender, sexuality and Islam.