Famile Arslan



Known for

Founder of Law Firm, Arslan Lawyers


Hijri 1391-Present (AH); Common Era 1971-Present (CE)

Famile Arslan


Famile Arslan is a lawyer in The Hague with her own law firm, Arslan Lawyers, specializing in family, immigration, housing and labour, and social insurance cases as penalty cases. In addition, she is a board member of Islam and Citizenship, an organization dedicated to encouraging the Muslim community’s participation in the Netherlands. By addressing the relationships between norms, values, and citizenship, and the role Islamic organizations can play in these issues, it seeks to stimulate social debate within the Muslim community on citizenship, and when relevant, to broaden it to larger Dutch society as a whole. Ms. Arslan is also Chairwoman of the Commission for Complaints at Islamic Schools, and she was part of an expert group who advised the Minister of Education on the Islamic schools. She has organized courses on intercultural communication for health care organizations and has set up an emergency helpline for migrant women. Ms. Arslan is currently working to establish a national Muslim women’s network, which she envisions becoming a platform for Muslim women to debate social, economic and political issues. This think tank would advise and partner with the Dutch government in creating laws and on other practical issues. Ms. Arslan is often asked to take part in panel discussions, provide lectures, or speak to the media on issues like integration and migration. She writes articles for the weblog www.wijblijvenhier.nl and has published a book of Turkish poems. Born in Turkey and raised in the Netherlands, Ms. Arslan holds a Master's degree in International Law. Previously, she worked 5 years for the Dutch Ministry of Justice, Immigration department. She is the first lawyer in the Netherlands to wear a hijab.