Dr. Eren Tatari


United States

Known for

Associate Professor, Sustainable Farmer


Hijri - Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era - Unknown-Present (CE)

Dr. Eren Tatari


Dr. Eren Tatari is a professor of Political Science at Rollins College with a focus on ethnic and religious minorities. Her recent books focus on understanding Islam in contemporary pluralistic democracies, as well as Muslim representation in British government. This research is crucial in understanding the lived experience of Muslims in the modern age. Outside of the classroom, Dr. Tatari is passionate about sustainable living, food justice, permaculture, and engages with her community in “Designing Your Life” workshops. Much of her expertise comes from her own backyard. Dr. Tatari’s family runs their own micro-farm, growing their own produce from around 40 trees. The Tatari’s homemade, natural health products have even become a small business The Home Farm provides the community with fruit syrups, body butter, and other natural remedies that expand the availability of local medicinal products outside of Western pharmaceuticals. In this way, Dr. Tatari is an expert and leader in both academics and green living, with inspiring contributions in both spheres of her life.


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