Atiqa Odho



Known for

Media personality, CEO of Odho Productions and Odho Cosmetics


Hijri 1387-Present (AH); Common Era 1968-Present (CE)

Atiqa Odho


Atiqa Odho is a prominent media personality, businesswoman, and household name in Pakistan. Ms. Odho started her career in the beauty business in 1989 and then went into television production in 1991. Formally trained in the beauty business, filmmaking, and other creative forms of expression, she is currently the CEO of two companies under the Odho banner: Odho Productions and Odho Cosmetics. She is also the Chairperson of the United Producers Association of Pakistan, where she recently launched a people’s movement by the name of “Our Country Our People: One Pakistan for the People of Pakistan” ( Odho Productions has been producing television for all mainstream satellite Pakistani television channels, as well as Pakistan’s national channel (PTV) since 2004. Its content focuses on social causes ( Odho Cosmetics launched the “Atiqa Odho” color cosmetics in 2004 as the first and only celebrity brand in Pakistan in order to give women the opportunity to acquire a quality product at affordable pricing. The Odho Cosmetics team tours throughout Pakistan with many women’s expos and activities, which gives Ms. Odho a chance to meet women from all over the country face-to-face and discover their needs and concerns (