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Ashraf Pahlavi


Princess Ashraf, twin sister of Mohammad Reza, the last shah of Iran, was born October 26, 1919. She grew up in the royal household and was determined to serve her country from the outset. Together with her sister Princess Shams, she was among the first women to decline to veil. Before the revolution, served as a delegate from Iran to the United Nations for sixteen years. She was participated in the Human Rights Commission, the Commission on the Status of Women, the International Consultative Liaison Committee for Literacy. She also served as vice president of the Imperial Organization for Social Services and as president of the High Council of the Iranian Women's Association.1 In recognition of her work, Princess Ashraf received an honorary degree from Brandeis University in 1969.2 Among other accomplishments, in 1975, the International Women’s Year, Ashraf presented a declaration on the inequality suffered by women throughout the world to UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim.3 Princess Ashraf currently resides in Cannes, in the south of France.4 She is married and has three children, Chahram, Azadeh, and the late Shahriar, a navy captain who was assassinated in Paris in December 1979.5   [1] A short biography Her Imperial Highness Princess Ashraf Pahlavi. [2] Brandeis University: Honorary Degree Recipients. [3] Princess Ashraf Pahlavi at the International Women's Year - 1975. [4] Princess Ashraf Pahlavi Visits Hospital (1951). [5] A short biography Her Imperial Highness Princess Ashraf Pahlavi.

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