Arifa Nazle



Known for

Manager of Communications at the Shirkat Gah Women’s Resource Centre


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Arifa Nazle


Arifa Nazle is the Manager of Communications for the Shirkat Gah Women’s Resource Centre. The center was opened with the purpose of integrating consciousness raising with a development perspective and initiating projects that translate advocacy into action. For more than 30 years SG has facilitated women’s empowerment by increasing their access to information, resources, skills and decision making, and helped to bring about positive changes in policies, laws and practices. Ms. Nazle is a member of the AWID forum. She is also a freelance journalist. Her interests are in the area of human rights and feminism in the Muslim world at a grassroots level. She also enjoys literature, writing, and developing written/visual materials (manuals, information kits, pamphlets and posters). She is the mother of two children.